Beau Norgeot, PhD

Director, Clinical AI at Anthem.ai
Anthem, Inc.


Unpacking the Promise Behind AI for Diagnosis, Personalization, and Data Sharing
Business Model Panel Discussion – Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
1:05 PM - 1:50 PM


Beau completed his doctoral research at UCSF where he focused on leveraging real-world data to develop deep learning applications in personalized medicine. His primary objective is developing evidence-based, mathematical models of individual patients that facilitate comparative efficacy research: the prediction of future events, identification of similar individuals, and data-driven treatment selection. He incorporates longitudinal deep learning on structured EMR, natural language from clinical notes, and medical images to build software products that drive changes in healthcare. Beau is the author of numerous research publications, a creator of open-source software projects, a thought leader and speaker on AI in healthcare, has won multiple academic grants, is an Amazon Research Fellow and an ARCs Fellow, and has developed deep learning methods for precision medicine at Microsoft Research.

Beau founded three small businesses and managed a division at an international business intelligence firm before getting his undergraduate engineering degree. He received a BS in Bioengineering & Informatics from UC Santa Cruz where he was awarded the best overall thesis for his research combining biochemistry with informatics to engineer a treatment for metastatic melanoma. Following his BS, Beau worked at the Computational Genomics Institute developing distributed solutions for genomics big data along with clinical predictive models and web applications. Beau completed his PhD at UCSF under the guidance of Atul Butte, the Chief Data Scientist for the University of California Health System, where he worked collaboratively with physicians to develop novel AI-driven research in rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and pregnancy. Now at Anthem.ai, Beau serves as the Director of Clinical AI, integrating with business and ethical policy teams, to build and deploy enterprise-class software products that deliver digital precision medical solutions for Anthem’s 40M members and providers.