Pushing the Envelope: Innovative Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Applications

Mar 28, 2017
Track 1
1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

Many of the advances in personalized medicine we have witnessed in recent years have been driven by disruptive technologies, the invention of high-throughput DNA sequencers being key among them. For example, the first human genome to be sequenced cost a whopping $2.7 billion and took nearly 13 years to complete, a major roadblock toward using the technology to develop medicines targeting an individual’s unique genetic makeup. The introduction of next-generation sequencing (NGS) lowered the cost dramatically to a mere $100,000 by 2009. By 2014, the price had shrunk even further to a manageable $1,000 per patient.

So what’s up next for NGS? We ask our panelists, whose companies were founded on the basis of the technology:

  • What are some of the new and innovative ways NGS is being used today?
  • Is NGS ready for broader commercialization — why or why not?
  • For companies operating in the NGS space, what are the challenges surrounding payment and other core business issues? What are some potential solutions to overcome those challenges?
  • How is your company leveraging partnerships to go to market and, ultimately, grow your business?
  • How would you explain the rise and impact of non-traditional companies in the NGS space?


Amanda Cashin, PhD, Co-Founder and Head, Illumina Accelerator

Justin Kao, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships, Helix

Pieter van Rooyen, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edico Genome

MODERATOR: Ashley Van Zeeland, PhD, MBA, Chief Technology Officer, Human Longevity, Inc.