Financing Strategies for Precision Medicine Ventures

Mar 28, 2017
9:05 AM - 9:55 AM

Precision or personalized medicine holds tremendous promise for more than just the patients whom it aims to treat. It also represents an area of broadening interest and opportunity among investors and innovators seeking to capitalize on its market potential. Given the complex and rapidly changing nature of the space, however, questions abound from those who are currently launching or are seeking to launch a precision medicine venture about how best to navigate the financing challenges in order to successfully develop and commercialize their novel technologies and products.

Representing the private investor, serial entrepreneur, and public company perspectives, this panel will address some of the key questions and considerations for attracting capital in the space, including:

  • In today’s market, what sort of opportunities are piquing investors’ interest and how do they screen for and evaluate their potential?
  • In evaluating an opportunity, do investors tend to place greater weight on the strength of the management team or the degree to which the technology is groundbreaking?
  • For founders in search of very early stage seed cash, how early is too early from an investor standpoint?
  • What is the timing of various financing transactions with regard to product development?
  • How is the issue of valuation approached at various investment stages for a disruptive technology that is ahead of the market?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities associated with the public equity markets?


John Doulis, MD, Chief Informatics and Information Officer, MedCare Investment Funds

Manuel J. Glynias, President and Chief Executive Officer, GenomOncology

Samuel D. Riccitelli, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Signal Genetics

MODERATOR: Jeffrey S. Karan, Managing Partner, WaveEdge Capital