Closing Keynote

Mar 28, 2017
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

BEHIND THE SCENES: An exclusive look at the formation of dRx Capital AG and the strategy behind the Novartis and Qualcomm digital/pharma collaboration

Digital health is a fast-evolving space, where pharma stands to benefit from advancements. dRx Capital strives to catalyze the success of digital medicine products, services, and business models by investing in early-stage companies and leveraging its extensive networks in the pharma, mobile/IT, and investment communities. With general partners Lucian Iancovici and Aaron Nelson at the helm, dRx seeks entrepreneurs using digital technology to transform pharmaceutical products, sales and marketing, R&D, and enterprise operations, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients and clinicians.

In addition to his role at dRx, Dr. Iancovici is a senior investment manager responsible for the $100M Qualcomm Life Fund (QLF) at Qualcomm Ventures, which focuses on investing in digital healthcare companies. Since Lucian joined Qualcomm Ventures in 2012, he has helped establish as one of the most widely recognized and respected funds in the space.

Before dRx, Dr. Nelson worked on technology strategy for clinical trial teams within Novartis. This work has led him to conclude that mobile, cloud, and Health IT technologies provide transformative opportunities in the clinical research and pharmaceutical industries. Aaron has led projects building upon these themes across multiple Business Units within Novartis.


Lucian Iancovici, MD, General Partner, dRx Capital AG & Senior Investment Manager, Qualcomm Life Fund, Qualcomm Ventures

Aaron Nelson, MD, PhD, General Partner, dRx Capital AG