Tara Kochis-Stach

Tara Kochis-Stach
Slone Partners

Tara joined Slone Partners in 2004, bringing to the company over a decade of healthcare experience. Her successful career commercializing products with industry leaders such as VERSYSS, American Medical Laboratories, and Quest Diagnostics covered a wide variety of healthcare segments, including information technology, medical records, and the diagnostic and laboratory testing industry. Prior to healthcare, Tara recruited executive and management talent in the banking and finance sector.

Tara’s executive abilities and business acumen have been instrumental in building Slone Partners into the successful and growing business it is today. She is a frequent panelist and speaker at industry conferences and a participant in select industry committees, activities that provide continuing opportunities to expand Slone Partners’ knowledge and expertise in the world of executive and management talent.

Tara graduated cum laude from Boston College, receiving a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Human Resources Management.