Don’t Miss the 2015 Business of Personalized Medicine Summit: Breaking Through to Business Solutions


Just as with patient treatments, one size does not fit all when it comes to companies involved in personalized medicine. Each is unique in its mission, culture, and capabilities, and so it should come as no surprise that each demands a distinct business strategy that can evolve alongside the industry. The 2015 BPM Summit is centered around helping attendees build just that — a successful, sustainable business model that allows them to realize the promise of personalized medicine.


Co-hosted by Foley & Lardner LLP, the Personalized Medicine Coalition, AmerisourceBergen, and the California Life Sciences Association, this one-day, one-of-a-kind thought leadership and networking forum features an agenda focused on the critical business questions, issues, and opportunities related to funding, research and development, public policy and regulation, technology, and more. Through fresh discussions with key opinion leaders and each other, attendees will collect insights and arrive at solutions that will drive their individual growth and performance as well as impact the overall future of health care.





  • Financing and Venture Capital:
    How investment is driving business growth
    and technology development

  • LDT/CLIA vs. Kit-Based Tests:
    Investors and innovators weigh in

  • Payment:
    Integrating payor requirements into
    product development

  • Disruptive Innovation:
    The business of regenerative medicine,
    gene therapy, and immunotherapy

  • Drug Discovery and Clinical Development:
    A global perspective on R&D strategies
    related to personalized medicine

  • Big Data Making an Impact in Clinical Practice:
    Opportunities, challenges, and getting good data
    with today’s analytics  

  • Business, legal, and health care professionals interested in industry leaders’ real-world experience on the current state of personalized medicine and where growth and opportunity exist

  • Business, legal, and health care professionals interested in discussions regarding the regulatory framework for diagnostics and targeted therapies

  • Executives and entrepreneurs interested in hearing diverse perspectives on both the development and delivery of personalized medicine therapies

  • Payors interested in current status and future possibilities regarding reimbursement of personalized medicine technologies

  • Corporate counsel in life sciences and health care provider organizations

  • Health care professionals working in the field of personalized medicine

  • Health care and life sciences investors

  • Researchers and academic personnel

  • Non-profit organizations